Nationwide Commercial Song – Leslie Odom Jr

Leslie Odom Jr - Nationwide Commercial

Nationwide continues its “Songs For All Your Sides” ad campaign with Leslie Odom Jr.

The American actor and singer performs a brand new song whose lyrics are meant to let you know how the insurance and financial services company helps protect and grow your many sides, and highlight that whether it’s planning for
retirement, starting a savings plan or growing your small business, Nationwide is on your side.

“You have a side that is retired.
Playing tag and getting tired.
You have a side that saves for their tuition,
but right now it looks like bedtime is the mission.
A side that owns your own store.
Looks like you need to expand some more.
That’s why there’s Nationwide.
They help protect and grow your many sides.
Nationwide is on Your Side”.

The spot ends with Nationwide’s tagline, “Nationwide is on your side”.

This campaign features also Brad Paisley, who has recorded a new song, as well, for Nationwide, and Rachel Platten.

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