Hyundai TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid Kids Birthday Party Advert Song

Hyundai TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid Kids Birthday Party Advert

Hyundai presents the new TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid in a humorous advert highlighting its Electric Mode.

The 30-second spot features a chaotic child’s birthday party at home, where the guests wreak havoc and the noise becomes overwhelming for the parents.

At one point, the dad realizes they’re out of drinks, prompting the mom to grab the car keys and head out to restock. She gets into her Hyundai TUCSON, starts the car, and switches to Electric Mode, savoring the peace and quiet away from the noisy children.

“It’s all good you have a TUCSON, so you can enjoy quiet driving with the new Electric Mode,” the voiceover states at the end, introducing the new Hyundai TUCSON Plug-In Hybrid.

The song playing in the advert is Evelyn Knight’s 1950s song “Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me,” a cover of the Italian folk song “Tarantella Napoletana,” famously featured in The Godfather.

The new TUCSON boasts a cutting-edge design, including a revamped grille that perfectly frames the signature Daytime Running Lights (DRL), which illuminate when the car is switched on. The redesigned interior features a 3-point steering wheel with a Shift by Wire (SBW) drive selector, a wireless charger integrated into the front armrest, and new touch climate controls, complemented by state-of-the-art smart technology. Owners can also enjoy new features such as Over-the-Air updates and the Hyundai Digital Key 2.1, allowing them to lock and unlock the car with their smartphone.

The new TUCSON is available as a plug-in hybrid, hybrid, mild hybrid, and petrol.

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