Gillette Body5 Commercial Song – Shave Forth for Freshness

Gillette BODY5 Commercial 2016

Gillette BODY5 Commercial 2016

Gillette launched a new commercial to advertise their newest body shaving razor, Gillette BODY5, with which men everywhere can achieve long-lasting freshness by going where their fathers once feared to tread with a razor: below the neck.
The spot, titled “Shave Forth for Freshness”, features a man shaving in the shower while listening music to the radio. The song playing
is “Number One” by Bill Moss.
Using a Gillette BODY5 razor, the man shaves his chest completely. In parallel, a sheep is shown in the heart of the nature, with her
fleece gradually removed, as the man shaves himself in the shower, until it remains with no fleece at all.


Cause I’m very sad
Son, the time’s now come
I’m gonna turn you loose
and let your hand
You’ve got to go in the world
and prove yourself a man

Cause you’ve been put down here
to be number one
You’ve got to rise in the morning
and meet the sun
You’ve got to sit at the table
and break the bread
and let the babies
running mad
and you oughta be a man
or your mind is or will be doomed

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