Jim Beam Commercial 2016 – The Big Easy – Mila Kunis

Jim Beam Commercial 2016 - Mila Kunis

Jim Beam Commercial 2016 – Mila Kunis

The latest Jim Beam commercial, released on the 9th of June, stars Mila Kunis describing how “easy” is to make the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
The 25-second spot, titled “The Big Easy”, features the famous actress, who became the face of the popular bourbon brand in February 2014, seated on a wooden chair, next to a bottle of Jim Bean.
She says: “The Beam family first met bourbon back in 1795. So it must be easy, right? I mean, all it takes is 50 years so that this little guy (the bourbon she’s holding in her hand) to grow, shaping the oak into barrels and charring it, and then filling it with craft, a Kentucky goodness. Oh, and then waiting four more years”. She ends her speech with a toast: “Here’s to easy!”.

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