Walgreens Commercial Song – Beauty Consultants for Women with Cancer

Walgreens Commercial - Women with Cancer

Walgreens advertises its new Feel More Like You service, which features pharmacists and beauty consultants who are specially trained to help people better manage internal and visible side effects from cancer treatment, in a new commercial.

Entitled “Battle Cry,” the ad includes footage of women who are going through treatment for cancer and benefit the Feel More Like You service from Walgreens beauty consultants. Serving as soundtrack is the 2015 single “F E M A L E” by Zambian-born Australian poet, singer-songwriter, and rapper Sampa The Great (Sampa Tembo by her real name), from her debut mixtape, “The Great Mixtape,” released in October 2015.

The pharmacy chain’s new service includes beauty consultant guidance, with individualized makeup solutions and personal care products that can help customers with hair loss and dry hair, dry skin and skin discolorations, sunlight sensitivities, and changes to nails and cuticles, as well as pharmacist support. Walgreens’ trained pharmacists can recommend tips or over-the-counter products to help people managing side effects of cancer treatment and relieve symptoms that include occasional nausea and vomiting, skin rash, increased fatigue, mouth sores and dry mouth.

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