State Farm Commercial – Coupon – The Hoopers

State Farm Commercial - The Hoopers

State Farm Commercial – The Hoopers

The “Coupon” commercial for State Farm Insurance shows the Hoopers in their kitchen talking about coupons.
Grampa Hooper is annoyed by the fact that he doesn’t find coupons.
“This is unbelievable. I can’t find one good coupon in this house”.
“I bet that if you look good enough you’ll find two good coupons”.
“That’s right”, says the mother Hooper.
“Oh, ya? Where?”, asks grampa Hooper.
In the meantime, their neighbour, a State Farm agent that has brought some food to the Hoopers, says:
“Maybe you don’t need the coupons, ok? You just save a bunch of money with State Farm by combining your home and auto insurance.
“You know what? That is a good deal”, answers grampa Hooper.
Cut costs, not coupons. Save with State Farm.

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