Guardians (2017 Movie) – Trailer Song

Guardians (2017 Movie)

Guardians (2017 Movie)

Russia is about to get into the world of superhero films with the upcoming sci-fi action film Guardians, directed by Saric Andreasyan.

Set during the Cold War, the movie, called Zaschitniki in Russian, follows a squad of mutants, including members of multiple soviet republics, recruited by an organization called “Patriot” and sent in a mission called “Guardians” to fight against an evil supervillain.
The cast ensemble includes Valeriya Shkirando, Anton Pampushnyy, Alina Lanina and others. The release in Russia theaters is set for February 23, 2017. No UK and US release dates have been confirmed so far.
The track used in the trailer has been made especially for the trailer and it will be released when the movie comes out.


Game is on cards are dealt
My darling dreamer
How come you not around
You have his glimmer.
Villains got to shape her
you could make it even loud.
Though you have price to pay
Seems like finally time to play

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