CarMax Sabrina Ionescu, A’ja Wilson & Sue Bird Commercial

CarMax Sabrina Ionescu, A'ja Wilson & Sue Bird Commercial

WNBA stars Sabrina Ionescu and A’ja Wilson and retired champion Sue Bird co-star in a new commercial for Carmax.

The spot, created by The Martin Agency, features the three pro-athletes who never settle for anything that’s just “fine.” Both on and off the court.

Accompanied by A’ja and Sue, Sabrina heads to a meeting to discuss purchasing a “sweet cherry red sports car” she had found online. Upon realizing the car doesn’t match the photos, she asks her friends “Is’t fine, right?”, prompting Sue to rhetorically ask her back: “Sabrina, was it fine just shooting threes? No! You broke records!” A’ja also chimes in, questioning whether it’s fine to settle for a car from a sketchy site when she could get one she loves at CarMax.

Sabrina agrees and the three friends decide to turn around and leave, but the car seller spots her and calls out her name. She denies being herself, but another lady sitting at a nearby table recognizez them all, and the three, especially, Sue cannot deny it’s them, so they greet her.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover says the tagline “Never settle. On the lot. Or on the court. CarMax.” An onscreen line informing that CarMax is Official Auto Retailer of the WNBA and NBA also appears.

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