Amazon Teenage Girl with Mustache & Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket Commercial Song

Amazon Teenage Girl with Mustache & Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket Commercial

Amazon has dropped a new ad to promote its Prime service, which gives members fast, free shipping and streaming on whatever they’re into.

The spot features a teenage girl in her room, trying to get rid of the mustache she’s having. As she’s looking at the wax, she notices a show on her laptop starring Eddie Murphy on Prime Video, takes a look at the poster of Frida Kahlo on the wall, and at the Freddie Mercury bobblehead and, listening to Queen’s “Cool Cat” song (which plays in the background), she comes up with another idea: to keep her mustache and rock it. She then uses the Amazon app to order a yellow jacket, which gets delivered to her door through Prime’s next-day delivery service.

The next scene shows the girl going to high school wearing a pair of white boots and, of course, the yellow jacket, that gives her the confidence of a rock star.

“Into rocking it? It’s on Prime” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Amazon Prime members have the chance to get special savings on thousands of items across all product categories and early access to sales events and even exclusive events. Consumers can get a 30-day free trial before they start paying for an Amazon Prime Membership, which costs $14.99 per month and $139 per year.

Last year, Amazon promotes its Prime service in a historically-inspired campaign called “Prime Changes Everything”, which included a modern retelling of different famous stories, including the one of the reptile-coiffed Medusa, a priestess from ancient Greek mythology, cursed to turn people who meet her gaze into stone, the story of Cleopatra, Napoleon, and even Rapunzel.

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