KFC Lunch Meal Deal Barber Advert Song

KFC Lunch Meal Deal Barber Advert / Commercial

KFC has introduced a fresh lunch meal deal, comprising a Twister wrap, crisps or a cookie, and a beverage, all for £5.49, and promotes it as “workplace-appropriate, when finger licking is not” in two amusing ads.

Created by ad agency Mother London, these two spots are built on the premise that enjoying a KFC lunch during work hours is typically not feasible. However, they aim to demonstrate that with this new lunch meal deal from KFC, even individuals with hands-on jobs, such as barbers and masseurs, can indulge during their break.

In one of the advertisements, a barber pauses abruptly while shaving a customer, leaving him momentarily unattended. Upon realizing the absence of the barber, the customer scans the surroundings, only to find him taking a bite of his KFC Twister Wrap. Unfazed, the barber resumes the shave as if nothing occurred.

Set to the tune of “Udi Baba” by Asha Bhosle, the advert concludes with a voiceover introducing the KFC Lunch Meal Deal, priced from £5.49, as “workplace appropriate, for when finger licking is not.” This meal offer is available in-store at participating restaurants on weekdays until 3 PM.

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