New York Lottery Christmas Commercial Music – Cat Putting Lottery Ticket in Stocking

Cat in New York Lottery Christmas Commercial

New York Lottery has launched its Christmas ad, inviting people to “share a little holiday magic” this season.

The spot, dubbed “Bodega Cat”, tells the heartwarming story of Cyrus, a cat living in a penny bridge store, who embarks, the night of Christmas Eve, on a journey to turn the holiday of his human friend (the seller at the store) into a holiday to remember. The feline is seen taking some lottery tickets in a small bag and heading to the man’s house to put one into a stocking hung by the chimney. To get there, Cyrus takes the bus, runs through the snow, climbs the fire escapes and goes down the chimney to enter the man’s house and achieve his goal.

The commercial, soundtracked by Julia Stone’s 2012 single “How Sweet It Is”, ends with the tagline “Share a little
holiday magic”.

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