Google Pixel 3 Commercial Song

Google Pixel 3 Commercial

Google showcases the new Google Pixel 3 in a new spot, that highlights some of the most important features of the smartphone.

The 60-second spot presents the third generation of smartphones made by the tech giant under the Pixel brand (generation that also includes Google Pixel 3 XL), focusing on the camera, “that helps you take your best pictures,” and features like the Group Selfie Cam, which “keeps everyone in frame” and Top Shot, which “helps you pick the best photo”. The Pixel 3, which is “engineered to keep your private life private,” comes with unlimited online storage and Google Assistant built-in. In addition, fast, wireless charging is available “for a full day of answers, fitness, tickets, mapping, messaging, sushi-ing,” on a single charge.

The song used in the ad is called “Real Thing” and was released earlier this month, on October 1st, by BNGRS.

The new next-gen pure Android flagship phone from the tech giant, announced earlier today, on October 9th, at an event in New York, will be available for pre-order in the UK, US and Australia, this Thursday (October 11). Its price is expected to be around $649 / £629 / AU$1,079.

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