Lincoln Olivia’s Wish List Commercial Song – Little Girl Shaking Snow Globe and Making Wishes

Girl in Lincoln Christmas Commercial - Olivia's Wish List

Lincoln Motor Company promotes its Wish List Sales Event with a new commercial, highlighting that “It all starts with a wish” and encouraging you to make yours come true with exclusive offers across the brand’s entire lineup during this event.

The spot features Olivia, a young girl in the back seat of a Lincoln, who, seeing the people around her so absorbed by their smartphones, decides to do something about it. She shakes the snow globe she keeps near her and, closing her eyes, she starts making wishes, which all come true: it starts snowing even though it was a warm sunny day, people start interacting and ladies are seen kissing men on cheeks, figurine toys are being dropped out of the sky on parachutes for kids, reindeers are passing by, and, finally, people start dancing in pairs.

Soundtracked by “VI. Waltz 2 From Jazz Suite No. 2” performed by Philadelphia Orchestra & Mariss Johnson,
the spot concludes with the tagline “It All Starts With a Wish”.

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