Renault Twingo GT Advert Song 2017

Renault Twingo GT TV Advert 2017

Renault Twingo GT TV Advert 2017

Renault UK has released a new TV advert, showcasing the new Twingo GT and inviting you to “go play”.

The 45-second spot, titled “Playful Chassis”, features a little blonde girl driving a mini Renault Twingo GT in a huge empty parking lot. As the ad continues, we get to see that the kid, who is the daughter of US pro skateboarder Josh Kalis, drifts around a real Twingo GT, with a young woman at the steering wheel. After playing a little bit in the area, the two get down, slap hands and leave, followed by a drone.

The track playing in the background is “Playful Chassis”, specially composed for the ad by Mathieu Lafontaine and Ariane Zita.

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