Spectrum Commercial – Monsters on Train

Spectrum Death Commercial

Spectrum has released a hilarious new ad, highlighting that “TV that cuts out in the rain is evil” and that “Spectrum is reliable”.

The 60-second spot, titled “Monsters: Train”, features a Mummy, a Werewolf, a Mad Scientist and Death chatting
on their commute.

“What are we all doing this weekend?”, asks the Werewolf to his travel companions.
“Ah, I’m still working on that death ray”, answers the Mad Scientist.

The Mummy, who’s sitting next to him, asks him “Still?” and learns that “it’s not easy. You gotta find a mountain, you gotta get permits…”.
The conversation continues with the others saying what their plans for the weekend are, at the Mummy’s initiative, who believes that all of them have difficult tasks to carry out, not only the Mad Scientist. When asked what he does, the Werewolf answers that he does “a lot of howlings” and that he likes just to howl. The Mummy says he will be summoning the Apocalypse and that the twins have soccer.

The Death, who’s typing on his smartphone while the other three “monsters” are discussing, apologizes for not paying attention, mentioning that “kids are going bananas” because a satellite went out in the rain.

“How can they sell something that doesn’t always work in the rain?”, asks the Mummy.
“It’s going to rain eventually, right?”, asks then the Mad Scientist.

“You know what never stops working in the rain? This guy.”, says the Death pointing to himself, adding that he’s “out there rain or shine, harvesting souls”. Then, touching the man sleeping on the seat next to his, says “You come with me.” and, changing his mind, mentions “I shouldn’t have touched him. He’s not waking up”.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying that “TV that cuts out in the rain is evil.” and adding that “Spectrum is reliable”. “Satellite TV Bad. Spectrum Good.” – is the final onscreen line.

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