Febreze Commercial – Billy Goat

Febreze Commercial - Billy Goat

Febreze Commercial – Billy Goat

Title: Does Your Whole Room Stink?

HP: “Wish you could wash the whole living room? Luckily, Fabric Refresher and a pluggable NOTICEables work together to eliminate odors in your fabrics and air. Each of our pluggable refills knocks out odors with up to 4x the freshness”.


Woman: Honey, aren’t we having friends over? It wreaks in here.
Man: I know. I stole the other teams mascot for good luck.
Woman: We need to wash this room.
Man: Wash it?
Woman: Yeah, wash it with Febreze.

For all the things you can’t wash, use Febreze Fabric Refresher.

Man: Wow!
Woman: It relly smells great in here.

And try pluggable Febreze, with up to four times freshness in one refill.
Pluggable Febreze and Fabric Refresher, two more ways to breath happy.

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