VOXI Unlimited Social Media Feed Your Curious Advert

VOXI by Vodafone Advert Actors

VOXI by Vodafone is offering unlimited social media and 30GB of data for £10 per month and promotes this deal in a new advert.

The spot features a diverse cast of youngsters who are VOXI users and are able to enjoy unlimited social media. They can snap, post, chat, and swipe whenever they like, without waiting to find WiFi.

“Feed your curious with VOXI,” the voiceover says in the 20-second ad, introducing VOXI as the mobile network that gives you unlimited social media from just £10 a month.

Customers who sign up before the 28th July can get unlimited social media and 30GB data for £10/month, on a flexible one-month rolling plan with no contract and no credit check. All VOXI plans are powered by the Vodafone network and come with Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Flexibility, meaning you can pause, change, or cancel your plan at any time.

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