Wendy’s Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich & Salad Commercial – Curly Girl

Wendy's Girl Commercial

Wendy’s invites you to “don’t settle for cold grilled chicken” and try the Wendy’s Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich & Salad.

One of the spots released by the fast food restaurant chain as part of its new ad campaign, Don’t Just Say “Fresh”, Taste Fresh, features a young curly woman in a fast-food restaurant who loses her appetite noticing that the grilled chicken in her salad is cold. “But it has grill marks. Does that mean that it’s cold grilled?”, she asks herself, looking at the employee who was previously arranging the bread, but now, dressed in a parka and with a fur hat covering his head, he’s grilling cold chicken and is telling her “You do not want this!”.

The next scene shows how the girl, whose thoughts – “I think I’m good” – are voiced by the narrator, pushes her plate off the table and so does the girl sitting at the table next to her.

The commercial, highlighting that “Anyone can say fresh. But Wendy’s does fresh.”, showcases the ingredients used for the Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich & Salad, namely “freshy grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, and creamy basil pesto”, before it ends with Wendy’s logo.

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