Sprint Unlimited Lifeguard Baywatch Commercial

Sprint Baywatch Commercial - Lifeguard Running

Sprint introduces the “Unlimited Lifeguard” in its latest commercial, released to promote its Unlimited plans and
the Baywatch movie, coming in theaters May 25.

“Baywatch protects the beach. But who protects your wallet?” – asks the voiceover in the 30-second spot, featuring the Unlimited Lifeguard running on a beach. “He’s here to save you money, armed with the best price for Unlimited amongst all national carriers for just $30/month per line for 4 lines. And right now, you can…” – says the voiceover, who interrupts himself when the lifeguard gets tired and stops, huffing and puffing after the long run.

“One second!” – mumbles the young lifeguard when the voiceover tries to resume his speech. Eventually, the voiceover manages to say what “you can” do right now, namely “you can get the fifth line free when you switch to Sprint”, while the lifeguard gets back on track.

Sprint’s Unlimited Plan includes, besides unlimited talk, text and data, HD streaming video and 10GB of hotspot data per line, music at up to 1.5mbps, gaming at up to 8mbps. The company mentions that the special prices enable customers to make savings until June 30, 2018, subsequently the monthly charges raising to $60/month for line 1, $40/month for line 2 and $30/month lines 3-5.

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