Google Pixel 3 Commercial Song – Top Shot Bad Photos

Google Pixel 3 Commercial - Top Shot Photos

Google advertises its Google Pixel 3 in a new ad, that focuses on the Top Shot camera feature available on the device.

The spot opens with a group of friends getting together for a photo. Even if they do a countdown and all smile to the camera, the photo turns a mess. Other similar photos follow, featuring people with their eyes closed and captured in bad moments, like when they are about to blow a candle, when they convulse, when they screw their faces, when their faces are covered by something (scarf or hair), and when the things intended to the shot go aways, such as a whale and more.

Serving as the perfect soundtrack is Frank Sinatra’s 1973 single “Let Me Try Again”.

This AI-driven feature, which shoots lots of HDR+ shots before and after you hit the shutter button, recommends a superior shot if your intended photo isn’t the best of the batch, using on-device machine learning to identify things such as hair covering the face or unintentional blinks.

The Google Pixel 3 was announced at the 2018 Made by Google Launch Event, which took place on Tuesday, October 9th, in New York. Pixel 3 XL, Pixel Slate, Google Home Hub, were also announced and showcased at the event. The brand’s third-generation family of consumer hardware products are now available for pre-order.

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