Sunny UK Advert Song – Couple Grasping Washing Machine

Sunny UK TV Advert

The short-term loans provider Sunny promotes its services in a hilarious new advert, by London creative agency Brothers and Sisters.

The 30-second spot, titled “Washer’s Tricks”, features a young couple grasping firmly their washing machine while it’s working. Apparently, there are strong vibrations that make it “walk”, so it needs to be tied up, and water leaks, that require, according to the couple, a small paddling pool underneath it. “It’s the circle of life. Everything comes to an end.” – says the voiceover, referring to the fact that the respective washer can be no longer used, despite the couple’s belief that it can still carry on. The voiceover then says that you can turn to Sonny with an “O”, who shows up at the couple’s door, for some emergency cash and that you have five days to change your mind.

Sitting on the washer, Sonny with an “O” takes out his smartphone and, showing it to the camera, says “Yeah,
that’s life support!”.

The song used in the ad is a cover of Boney M’s hit single “Sunny”, from their 1976 album “Take the Heat off Me”.

Sunny gives people, after they fill an online loan application, a quick decision and, if approved, the cash loan within 15 minutes, with no loan application fees, no admin fees and no late payment fees. A Sunny loan can range from £100 – £2500. The interest rate and repayment term vary depending on the amount borrowed, but the interest is capped at a maximum of 0.8% per day.

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