Spacetourer Citroënist Concept Advert Song – Couple on Road Trip

Spacetourer The Citroënist Concept Advert

Citroën UK has released a new ad, showcasing the Citroënist Concept, a modern van full of character, “inspired by the desire for freedom and sharing”.

The 90-second spot, aimed at highlighting that this vehicle, whose name refers to fans’ commitment to Citroën, offers a mobile living and working space to experience boundless adventure while staying connected, features a young couple on a road trip as they discover new places, admire and take photos against stunning landscapes, and work, all in the comfort of their Citroënist van, which offers a special internal configuration that allows two people to sleep, stow a bike, and use a connected on-board office.

The bike shown in the ad is an exclusive model called “Rider The Citroënist by Martone”, which has been developed in partnership with Martone and incorporates the concept’s stylistic values. The bicycle will be available to buy online at along with “The Citroënist” merchandise.

The song used in the ad is the 2018 single “Now That You’re Gone” by French alternative/indie band Camp Claude, from their forthcoming album, “Double Dreaming,” set to be released on March 8.

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