Toyota Happy Airport Pickup Christmas Commercial Song


Toyota Happy Airport Pickup Christmas Commercial

Toyota has unveiled two heartwarming Christmas commercials, both delivering a special message centered around spreading joy and reuniting loved ones during the festive season. One of these commercials, created by Conill Advertising and directed by Max Malkin, is a bilingual spot that captures the sentiment that nothing expresses love quite like an airport pickup, especially during the holidays. The ad emphasizes that Latinos are unwavering in their commitment to picking up their loved ones, even if it means enduring endless traffic.

Titled “Arrivals” and accompanied by Frank Sinatra’s timeless “That’s Life,” the commercial portrays relatable moments of families and friends navigating through rows of cars, battling weather and traffic to find their loved ones. The ultimate reunion with family brings immense joy and comfort, signifying the warmth of being home for the holidays. The ad concludes with the onscreen message, “Nothing says love like an airport pickup. Happy #AirportPickup.”

The Hispanic linear TV coverage of “Arrivals” includes a mix of broadcast networks and targeted cable. The commercial will be featured during high-profile Hispanic media programming, including Univision’s TeletonUSA charity event, UEFA Champions League Soccer, Telemundo’s “Hoy Día,” and UNIVERSO’s “Sunday Night Football” halftime sponsorship. The campaign will also make appearances on Telemundo’s “Hoy Dia,” in cinema, and through partnerships with Pandora and social media platforms like Meta and Pinterest.

This holiday season, Toyota is collaborating with 100cameras, a nonprofit organization empowering youth through photography and storytelling programs in local schools. Toyota’s donation to 100cameras’ Impact Circle will fund programming for 10,000 students within the next year, reflecting the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact on youth nationwide.

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