Tom Tailor Wedding Commercial – Say Yes To Yourself

Tom Tailor Commercial Girl

Tom Tailor encourages people to say Yes to themselves in its Spring/Summer 2019 campaign.

The fashion brand has released a new ad, highlighting that “It’s time to fall in love with yourself” and urging viewers to “Say Yes to Tom Tailor jackets”. The 30-second spot, created by agency Loved GmbH and directed by Ivan Jurado, features a woman and a man doing this in what seems at first an unconventional wedding. A preacher is asking “Do you promise to love and honor in both good times and bad for richer and for poorer?,” advising them to answer “Yes, I do!” The bride and the groom, who are donning Tom Tailor jackets, both say “Yes, I do,” but it turns out they weren’t actually together in front of the cleric, but on their own. The woman is then seen putting a wedding ring on her index finger and several other people are featured saying “Yes, I do!” while on screen the text “Say Yes to Yourself” appears.

Tom Tailor’s new collection for the transitional season, inspired by the sports looks of the 1970s and 1980s, includes colorful long parkas and windbreakers, leggings with colorful logo print and polo shirts with a retro vibe, and high-waist jeans for women, light gray parkas, T-shirts, windbreakers and hoodies with eye-catching logo prints for men.

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