Allbirds Runner-Up Mizzle Commercial – Let it Rain

Allbirds Runner-Up Mizzle Commercial - Let it Rain

Allbirds showcases its first rain-resistant Runner-Up Mizzle in a commercial featuring a “highly professional puddle jumper”.

The ad follows a man as he wakes up in the morning, puts on his Allbirds Runner-Up Mizzle, and goes out, dancing in the streets, even though it’s a rainy day. While everyone else rush to their destination, holding tight to their umbrellas, he jumps in puddles busting all kinds of dance moves, without worrying he might wet his feet because his weather-resistant Allbirds help him stay comfy and dry.

At the end of the commercial the voiceover introduces the Runner-Up Mizzle and says the tagline “Let it rain”.

The Mizzle collection for men and women is made without synthetic materials and chemicals that can pollute soil and water. The shoes feature proprietary Puddle Guard technology that utilizes a water repellent treatment and a breathable, water-resistant layer made with natural products. The other core Allbirds style in the Mizzle Collection is the Wool Runner Mizzle.

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