Oreo Stuffed Animals Commercial / Advert Song

Oreo Stuffed Animals Commercial - Donkey and Elephant

Oreo continues its “Stay Playful” campaign with a new installment that aims to spread a unifying message.

The animated spot, created by The Martin Agency and titled “The Fair,” features a stuffed elephant toy and a stuffed donkey toy fighting over the fridge filled with bottles of milk. When they see a scared, crying kitten, they decide to work together and grab also some Oreo cookies placed on top of the fridge. Eventually, they all sit at the table to enjoy the milk and the sweet treat.

The tagline “Life is sweeter when we come together. Stay playful” also appears at the end of the 30-second commercial, which is set to the rhythms of the 2016 single Me And You¬†performed by Nashville-based British soul musician Jamie Lidell, from his “Building a Beginning” album.

Oreo’s ad was inspired by the PSA featuring candidates for Utah governor Chris Peterson and Spencer Cox, in which they were wearing a blue donkey button and a red elephant button respectively, and were being supportive of each other, despite the fact they were opponents in an ongoing election race.

“Most Americans are unified in their belief we need to come together as a nation and find ways to respect one another more, regardless of our personal beliefs or differences,” Oreo’s senior brand director Justin Parnell said in a press statement, adding that, “As a brand, we believe a message of coming together and restoring civility is needed now more than ever”.

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