2018 Volkswagen Atlas Commercial Song – The Birds and the Bees

Volkswagen Atlas Commercial

Volkswagen Atlas Commercial

Volkswagen has released a new commercial, introducing the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas.

The 60-second spot, titled “Luv Bug” and carrying the message that “Life’s as big as you make it”, features a couple’s “journey” from the status of lovers to the one of parents of three, showcasing in the meantime also the brand’s evolution.

Set to the rhythms of Dean Martin’s single “The Birds and the Bees”, the ad, directed by Andreas Nilsson, shows that it all started with a night date outside the city, in a blue Wolkswagen Beetle, which brought them, nine months later, a little baby. Soon after that, they went to a VW dealership and changed the car, buying a bigger one, a red Jetta, which became the place where they conceived their second baby, and after that they changed the car again, out of the necessity to buy, again, a bigger one. They had a VW SUV, acquired another baby and, eventually, “ended up” with the full-sized 7-seater Atlas SUV, which provides them with all the space they need.

At the end of the spot, even the Atlas is seen rocking around, but it turns out it’s just the kids bouncing. Throughout the ad, we can see not only older Volkswagen models, but also animals that make it even more hilarious. Thus, we get to see an owl watching over the couple’s Jetta, parked on the bank of a lake and rocking from side to side, cows looking at the SUV stopped on a farm road, on a rainy night, and a big dog, which is their pet and joins the family when they need to replace the SUV.

Volkswagen’s all-new three-row crossover with room for seven, one of the most comprehensive crossover lineups in the business, arrives next spring. This will be the first SUV that the German automaker will produce in America, and the largest and most U.S.-centric model it has ever sold here.

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