Modelo The Fighting Spirit of Damian Lillard Commercial Song

Modelo The Fighting Spirit of Damian Lillard Commercial

Modelo has teamed up with Damian Lillard for its latest commercial, highlighting that its beers are “Brewed For Those with Fighting Spirit”.

The spot tells the story of the Blazers star, who achieved success after working hard for years, and outlines and tough love helped him turn challenge into opportunity, making him into a first-round pick and icon who gives back to the very streets that shaped him.

“If Damian Lillard accepted his spot at the end of the bench, he never would have been at the rec center before it opened, if he listened to those who overlooked him, he never would have had his name called as a first round pick, and if let 6 All-Star selections go to his head, he never would have had the heart to give back to the streets that shaped it,” the voiceover says throughout the 30-second ad, which features Lillard on court, as well as at the Brookfield Park Community Picnic, where he spends time with community members.

“That’s the fighting spirit. That’s what makes a lion. Modelo. Brewed for those with fighting spirit,” the voiceover adds at the end of the commercial, which is scored by L’Estasi Dell’oro (Bandini Remix) by Ennio Morricone.

Throughout the video the brand’s beers – Modelo Especial and Modelo Negra – are also showcased. While the first one is described as “a rich full-flavored Pilsner-style Lager” that delivers a crisp, refreshing taste, the other, brewed longer to enhance the flavors, is a Munich Dunkel-style Lager that “gives way to a rich flavor and remarkably smooth taste”.

The Blazers star has also released an exclusive sneaker drop to create custom Modelo Especial x Dame 7 EXT/PLYs.

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