Permanent TSB Advert Song 2016 – Explore Account

Permanent TSB TV Advert 2016

Permanent TSB TV Advert 2016

The latest Permanent TSB TV ad, launched on the 1st of June on the company’s YouTube channel, promotes the Explore Account, which is for people that use their account as part of their everyday life and want to get rewarded for it.
In the 40-second spot, the voiceover talks about the benefits of this type of account and, implicitly, about the reasons why viewers should switch to Permanent TSB.
“You don’t stop working hard and we won’t stop trying to find a better way for you to bank. So we’ve made a breakthrough introducing the new Explore Account from permanent tsb, the only current account in Ireland that gives you cash back in three new ways, with 10 cent back as you pay, up to 5% cash back on bills and personalized offers on some of your favorite brands. The Explore Account – now you have three more reasons to switch to permanent tsb. Keep going”.

Advert Song: Aqualung feat. Kina Grannis – To The Wonder


There’s a song we sing
Elemental sound
Where it all begins
It can draw you in, drag it out

But it’s hard to hear
That distant voice
It would ring so clear
If we could only tune out the noise

To the wonder

There’s a song you know
If you listen close
It will always be
As it always was
It always was, it always was
Elemental sound
Running underneath it all
To the wonder

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