Nespresso Recycling Commercial Song – George Clooney & Andy Garcia

George Clooney & Andy Garcia - Nespresso Commercial

George Clooney stars in a new Nespresso commercial, part of the brand’s “Comin’ Home” campaign, that is focused, this time, on the importance of recycling.

The 56-year-old actor is seen taking a bag of empty capsules and walking to a Nespresso recycle area, where he runs into Andy Garcia, who’s leaving there not one, but lots of bags full of empty capsules. Seeing the look on Clooney’s face, he explains he’s had “house guests”.

The ad, soundtracked by Mel Torme’s “Comin Home Baby”, ends with an onscreen lines revealing that “Nespresso capsules are 100% recyclable” and another one representing the tagline, “So bring ’em home, baby”.

Clooney, who has been a Nespresso ambassador since 2006, and Garcia have starred together in another commercial for the coffee company, in which Clooney recreated scenes from iconic movies like The Muppet Movie, Psycho and Easy Rider, on a quest for quality coffee.

With reference to the recycling process, Nespresso states that its recycling partner receives used capsules in order to give a second life to both the aluminum capsule, with the aluminum to be further used in new aluminum products, as well as the residual coffee grounds, subsequently used in the production of high quality compost.

Nespresso Club Members can return their used capsules for recycling by taking them to Nespresso boutiques and trade partner locations (there are 41 collection points across Canada), or via the TerraCycle recycling program, that consists of having them picked up directly from their home.

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