Vanish Carpet Care Carpetophobia Advert Song


Vanish Carpet Care Carpetophobia Advert

Vanish promotes its Carpet Care products, including the Vacuum Up Powder, the Vacuum Up Foam, and Spray, in a new advert.

“If you knew how dirty your carpet really was, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near it,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 40-second spot, titled “Carpetophobia,” which features the members of a family struggling to avoid the floor. Even the family’s dog sits on a drawer so that he wouldn’t touch the rug. Eventually, the dad takes the courage to get down and fight against the dirt with Vanish.

Set to a quirky reimagining of an a capella rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Mirlitons” from The Nutcracker, the advert ends with the voiceover saying that “With Vanish you can lift the dirt so that vacuuming alone can’t reach and get reacquainted with your clean carpets” and adding the tagline “Carpets live longer with Vanish”.

Rosie May Bird Smith, who created the spot, said “We’re pretty sure Carpetphobia isn’t an actual thing. But with the amount of dirt our carpets are harbouring, it absolutely should be. Rather than lecture people about their own homes, we wanted to entertain and to educate – and we hope in addition to a few laughs, this campaign inspires a few downward glances.”

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