Metro Rule Your Day Commercial

Metro by T-Mobile Commercial Girl

Metro by T-Mobile encourages you to #RuleYourDay in its latest commercial.

The spot highlights that you can now get one line of Unlimited for $40/month when you switch, presenting it as “the best unlimited plan in wireless”. In addition, you can also get one free Samsung Galaxy A20. “That’s all you need to rule your day,” the voiceover says at the end of the 30-second ad.

The carrier is known for using various animals to promote its offers. Lions, llamas, parrots, elephants, penguins, and more have been the stars of dedicated commercials. An otter swimming in a hot spring, a family of penguins talking about the company’s deal that offers 4 new lines for $100, two grizzly bears, two wildebeests on the bank of a river, a pig swimming in the ocean on a trip to the Bahamas, which he affords thanks to the savings he made by switching to Metro, and two giraffes who catch all the basketball they want with Metro, also took centre stage to the small screen.

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