White Famous (Showtime 2017 Series) – Trailer Song

Jay Pharoah in White Famous Movie

Showtime has released the trailer for its upcoming comedy series White Famous, set to premiere this fall, on October 15.

A co-production of Lionsgate Television and Showtime, the new TV show, from the creator of Californication, follows Floyd Mooney, a talented young stand-up comedian (played by Jay Pharoah) who gets the chance to star in a movie with Jamie Fox and begins, thus, to cross over into the world of becoming “white famous”.

The trailer reveals how a producer who works on the movie with Jamie Fox tells Floyd he needs a career boost, given the fact that he performs in “small rooms and small depressing clubs”, and urges him to meet with the director. The latter, who keeps using the word “African-American” during their meeting, mentioning that he never says “Black”, informs Floyd that he would get the role of an old woman. The trailer features also Jamie Foxx wearing a skirt, almost showing his butt and not only, and Floyd’s onscreen ex-girlfriend, Sadie (Cleopatra Coleman), who tells Floyd “You should totally put a dress on for Jamie Foxx. Hell, I’d take my dress off for Jamie Foxx”.

“Don’t you wanna be so famous that you transcent color?” – his agent, Malcolm, asks him, listing then “Obama, Tiger Woods, Will Smith – before the Jaden shit”.

The song used in the trailer is the 2016 single “Now and Later” by American rapper Sage the Gemini from his mixtape “Morse Code”.

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