CarMax Instant Offer Selling Your Car Shouldn’t Take Forever Commercial

CarMax Instant Offer Commercial - Aliens

CarMax has released a new ad to highlight that you can get an online offer from them in 2 minutes or less when you want to sell your car.

The spot features a woman placing a “For sale” ad on the window of her car and then waiting for customers. However, time passes by, the city changes then is destroyed by aliens, who take over the Earth, and the woman’s car is still there.

“Selling your car shouldn’t take forever,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which also sees the car owner using CarMax Instant Offer and getting a real online offer in under two minutes.

The used vehicle retailer has enlisted “the fastest man on Earth” to star in a commercial for its Instant Offers.

Retired Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt tried to break his own personal record against CarMax’s online appraisal platform. CarMax has also been promoting its Home Delivery service, which gives customers the chance to have the car they purchased delivered to their door thanks to a reimagined car buying process, that allows customers to sign the paperwork electronically.

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