Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl 2016 Commercial – Aliens – Avos In Space

Avocados From Mexico Commercial - Aliens

Avocados From Mexico Commercial – Aliens

HP: “In a galaxy not so far from here, a group of aliens tour the Museum of Earthly Wonders to see all the unique stuff the little blue planet has to offer”.

HT: #AvosInSpace


This old, the bounty of Earth. This is the cube of Rubick.
This simple puzzle was actually considered unsolvable by the humans.
Did they know they have brains?
Hm….simple ones
Now, this was apparently a 21st century torture device.
How long were they kept in there?
Sometimes hours seven time
And over here we have their alphabet. It was called Emogi.
A few symbols could express a vast extent of their emotion.
They had chewing pets, just like we do.
And this is the white & gold dress that cost a civil war, this is Scott Beo, but must most amazing of all are the avocados from Mexico.
They’re always in season, so you could enjoy them all year long.
And by one.. it’s included in the price of the mission.
I mean double dips. Here we generate.

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