Subway Commercial Song – Make It What You Want

Subway Commercial

Subway has launched a new multi-channel marketing campaign, called “Make It What You Want”, which will run across TV, social, and digital channels in the U.S., beginning with an “Anthem” that debuted on February 15, during NBC’s evening broadcast of the Olympic Games.

The spot, available as 30- and 60-second versions, urges viewers to “Make It Big”, “Make It Epic”, “Make It Fast”, “Make It Fun”, “Make It Cold”, Make It Hot”, and “Make It Fresh”, while on screen footage of real people doing things that illustrate the aforementioned lines is shown. A band performing in the trailer of a car in movement, a snowboarder having a drink from Subway while going down a slope, a group of skate rollers, a guy making a stunt with his motorcycle, another one diving into the ice cold water of a frozen lake, a couple kissing in a convertible while speeding through the city at night, and also a part from the viral video featuring the father who pretends to have superpowers to push his little daughter and make her fall on her back on the bed, are all seen.

The song used in the commercial is “No Limits” by Country Teasers, from the band’s 1998 album, “Back to the Future”.

Chris Carroll, chief advertising officer at Subway, said in a press release that this campaign marks a new direction for the sandwich chain. “We’re defining who we are in a more contemporary way, and uniting our brand with today’s consumer’s lifestyles, but the fundamentals don’t change. Customization, every day affordability and delicious, nutritious sandwiches are still at the core of our business,” he also said.

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