Bradesco Christmas Fireflies Commercial Song

Bradesco Christmas Fireflies Commercial

The Brazilian banking giant Bradesco has launched its Christmas 2019 commercial, which is a sequel to its 2018 animated holiday commercial, featuring fireflies.

Titled “In 2020, Shine Your Own Way,” the 3-minute film tells the heartwarming story of Luna, a firefly who doesn’t glow like her fellows, and Vitinho, a boy with Down syndrome, who work together to save a group of fireflies that Vitinho’s siblings captured in a jar.

Serving as soundtrack is Mariah Carey’s hit single “Hero,” performed by Brazilian singer and songwriter Ráae.
“Our narrative around concepts such as diversity and inclusion, pillars that have always marked the bank’s performance, are evolving together with the public,” Márcio Parizotto, Bradesco’s Marketing Director, said in a press statement, adding “The first movie was very well received by Brazilians. Therefore, we continue with the same theme and aesthetics, but with a new story, also able to enchant and establish an immediate connection with people by addressing feelings present in our daily lives”.

The commercial, which follows the success of last year’s award-winning commercial “Firefly,” marks a new collaboration between director Paulo Garcia, agency Publicis Brazis and pioneering 3D animation and illustration studio Zombie Studios.

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