Boots No7 Age-Defying Serums Advert Song – Stuntwoman Amanda Foster

Boots No7 - Stuntwoman Amanda Foster

Boots UK features 50-year-old stuntwoman Amanda Foster performing one of her biggest stunts to date in the latest
advert for No7 Age-Defying Serums.

The 30-second spot, starting like an action film, shows Amanda, dressed in a long white dress, in a high rise office building, jumping through a window glass while being chased by three men. The image of her hitting the glass and her spotlighted descent in the air whilst passers-by are watching above seem taken from a film. When she gets to the ground, falling into a net, we can hear applause and see her being helped to get up. “I’ve never been the right age to jump out a building. For skin that’s ready as ever, No7 Age-Defying Serums with clinically proven results.”, says Amanda looking at the camera and leaving behind the actress she’s been doubling.

The same advert is used for promoting specifically the No7 new Restore & Renew Age-Defying Face & Neck Serum, with five clinical proven results, and the 3 for 2 deal valid until June 6 (with the cheapest free).

The song used in the ads is the 2015 single “Take It All” by Nashville-based singer and songwriter Ruelle (Maggie
Eckford by her real name).

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