Aldi Christmas TV Advert – Kevin’s Adventure Continues

Aldi Christmas TV Advert

Aldi Christmas TV Advert

Aldi’s Carrot’s festive adventure continues. The British supermarket chain has released a new 30-second advert, featuring how Kevin, the carrot who embarked on a quest to meet Santa, realised the true meaning of Christmas, with a bit of help from a snowman.

The spot, narrated by the former Harry Potter star Jim Broadbent, picks up from the moment Kevin woke up high in the sky, in Santa’s sleigh.

Unfortunately for him, he gets dropped from a great height and falls into the fire. He missed out on the presents, was late for the turkey and, as if this was not enough, he witnesses his fellow carrots getting eaten. Chased by a dog after recollecting himself from the fireplace, Kevin ends up stuck outside, buried in a snowman, where its nose should be.

“This festive occasion was looking quite murky”, says the narrator, who reveals what Kevin learned when his adventure came to an end: “Then he learned from the Snowman, a big friendly chappie, the real meaning of Christmas: to make others happy”.

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