Gucci Commercial Song: Jewelry & Timepieces

 Gucci Commercial - Jewelry & Timepieces

Gucci has launched the new Gucci Jewelry and Gucci Timepieces campaign, featuring new designs by Alessandro

The 60-second film, shot by Colin Dodgson and art directed by Christopher Simmonds, shows several youngsters in a villa, sporting rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches included in the new collection. Judging by the images, the jewelry is what makes them attracted to each other. Close-ups of models’ faces alternate with close-ups of the jewelry they wear, conveying the idea that they are wearing what represents them and they are drawn to what they would wear.

The music playing in the background is “Sketch For Summer” by Vini Reilly performed by The Durutti Column.

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