Toyota Safety Sense Bullfighting Dummy Commercial Song

Toyota Bull vs. Dummy Commercial

Toyota continues its ad campaign promoting the Toyota Safety Sense with a new ad, featuring a crash test dummy talking about his new gigs now that he is no longer needed since safety features like Pre-Collision System and Lane Departure Alert come standard on many new Toyota models.

“I remember the good old times at Toyota before Toyota Safety Sense came along. Before Pre-Collision. Before Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist. Before Automatic High Beams. Before the safety features came standard on many their new vehicles. Yeah, standard. Which means Toyota doesn’t need a crash system as much.” – says a crash test dummy dressed in a check shirt, mentioning that this is how he set out to find other ways to fill the void.

The spot shows that, since he left Toyota, he worked as a paradummy, to be dropped out of a flying plane, as a stand-up blocking dummy during football practice, and as a first aid & CPR manikin. Eventually, he found a job that he still has, as a bullfighting dummy. “Show time” – says the “protagonist”, getting ready to head out, as he had been called by someone. “The game might have changed, but the player is still the same”, says the dummy while walking into the arena, where a bull is waiting.

The commercial, featuring the song “The Good Life” by Ernie Maresca, ends with the voiceover saying “Toyota Safety Sense – designed for safety” and adding the company’s tagline, “Let’s go places”.

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