Three UK Dolph-a-Sloth Advert Song: The Pina Colada Song

Three UK Dolph-a-Sloth TV Advert

Three UK continues its ad campaign with a new spot done by Wieden + Kennedy London agency, promoting the company’s new Go Binge service and showing us the feeling of streaming without using up your data.

“Streaming on the go you feel unstoppable, like this dude. Till your data runs out.” – says the voiceover at the beginning of the 60-second advert, referring to a dolphin jumping out of the water which is then shown stopping with a sad look under the water surface. “But on Three you can stream without using your data. You got no worries. You’re chill, like Dolfuss.” – adds the voiceover, while a half-dolphin, half-sloth hybrid is somersaulting on the rhythms of the Piña Colada song, also known as “Escape”, performed by Rupert Holmes and included on his 1979 album, “Partners in Crime”.

The voiceover continues to list some of the shows users will be able to stream, such as Narcos, Stranger Things, The Only Way is Essex, and aims to give viewers a hint about how they will feel by binging in places they didn’t even know they can binge, watching Netflix endlessly, infinitely. “Now that is the feeling of streaming without using up your data.” – says the voiceover at the end of the spot.

Three’s Go Binge service enables users to stream shows and music anytime, without using up their mobile data, on Netflix, TVplayer, Deezer and Soundcloud. Go Binge is available on selected services which may require separate subscriptions.

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