Dawn Duckling Commercial Song – I am home

Dawn Duckling Commercial

Dawn Duckling Commercial

The brand of dishwashing liquid Dawn Dish Soap, owned by Procter & Gamble, highlights, in its latest commercial, that they have teamed up with wildlife rescue workers around the world to create a safer environment for ducks, birds, and other wildlife affected by disasters like oil spills.

“These birds, once affected by oil, are heading back home” – says the voiceover in the 15-second spot, referring to wild ducks, and adding that “Thanks to Dawn, rescue workers only trust Dawn because it’s though on grease, yet gentle”. The ad features a duckling being washed with Dawn and becoming a sort of mascot for the brand, appearing near a Dawn bottle at the end of the ad, below the tagline “Dawn helps save wildlife”.

The spot, set to the rhythms of “I am home” by Andrew Simple, also highlights that Dawn is “the only brand trusted by International Bird Rescue”.

For over 30 years, Dawn has been an important part of rescuing and releasing more than 75.000 wild animals affected by oil pollution. Thousands of bottles have been donated to wildlife rescue workers at The Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue to use them for cleaning birds affected by oil.

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