H&M Hotel Mauritz Commercial Song – Aubrey Plaza Disturbed by Loud Music

H&M Hotel Mauritz Commercial - Aubrey Plaza

H&M continues its “Hotel Mauritz” holiday campaign with a new installment, which marks the third episode in the series. This time, Aubrey Plaza is kept up late by blasting music from the room next door.

The spot features the actress in her hotel room, with a sleep mask on, unable to fall asleep because of the loud music. She decides to go to the room where the music comes from, intended to ask the partygoers to turn it lower, but it turns out she wants to join the party. Aubrey is seen starting to move her body to the rhythms of the song that’s playing, RUN-DMC’s 1987 single “It’s Tricky,” from his third album, “Raising Hell”.

The Swedish retailer’s holiday collection, now available in H&M stores and online, includes sweatshirts with motif, jacquard-knit dresses, bead-patterned knit sweaters, patterned leggings, velvet skirts, T-shirts with printed design and motifs, jersey jumpsuits, pajamas, and more.

The range of accessories features socks in Christmas ornament, hairbands, hair claws, Christmas-themed earrings and rings, glitter kit, nail polish.

Created as a miniseries, the “Hotel Mauritz” campaign, a nod to the Hennes & Mauritz brand name, includes different episodes featuring a star-studded cast also including model and musician Adonis Bosso, models and influencers Elizabeth and Victoria LejonhjÀrta, Debra Rapoport, Aamito Lagum, Tzipora Salomon, Hana Jirickova, Sarah Jane Adams, Hoyeon Chung, and Chloe Fineman.

While the first episode saw Aubrey and Adonis Bosso singing the 1967 hit song “I Think We’re Alone Now” (by Tommy James and the Shondells) at the hotel’s reception, when no one comes to welcome them, the second episode featured Aubrey and the other guests getting ready for a fun night at the hotel. Wearing party clothing, they are all seen dancing in front of the mirror – each in their own room – to the tune of Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance”.

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