Macy’s Christmas Commercial Song – Boy & Girl from the Lighthouse

Girl in Macy's Christmas Commercial

Macy’s highlights that “The Perfect Gift Brings People Together” in its Christmas ad, that tells the heartwarming story of a young boy who makes a peer’s Christmas better.

The 2-minute spot, titled “Lighthouse”, features the kid, named Max, noticing the family living in the lighthouse near his home. There, a little girl who seems to be his age, mourns her mother’s recent death, together with her dad, who gives his best to help her feel better. On Christmas morning, when he opens up a gift and finds a lamp, Max comes up with the idea of using it to beam a message to the girl. With a Morse code instruction book by his side, he invites the girl and her father to join his family for Christmas dinner.

The commercial, set to the rhythms of a cover of “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys, ends with the girl and her dad having dinner with Max and his family and with Max giving her a gift from Macy’s. The onscreen line “the perfect gift brings people together” also appears.

Macy’s invites you to shop its Holiday Gift Guide for an expertly edited collection of gifts covering a wide range, from beauty products to tech devices, for everyone on your list, and highlights there are three more easy ways to gift: by getting free pick up in store, plus extra 20% off your next store purchase, by sending a Macy’s gift card, allowing thus your dear ones to pick what they really want, or by using GIFTNOW, which implies sending a thoughtful gift via e-mail and let the recipient adjust, customize or exchange.

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