M&M’S Jessie J for Bite-Size Beats Commercial Song: Real Deal

M&M'S Jessie J Commercial

M&M’S presents Jessie J for Bite-Size Beats in a new spot, encouraging viewers to create their own unique beat at bitesizebeats.com and it could end up in an M&M’S commercial.

The 15-second ad, done by creative agency BBDO New York, features an animated version of Jessie J in a blue convertible, with her name on the license plate, together with Red and Yellow, performing a portion of her new song “Real Deal”, “This could be the real deal, Oh yeah.” – she sings and, for a moment, takes her sunglasses off, and winks to the camera.

Fans who visit the brand’s interactive beatbox platform can unlock Jessie J and preview a selection of her new track by mixing the correct combination of instruments with the cast of M&M’S spokescandies. Some of the some of the fan-generated beats have been used by M&M’S in new commercials. Fans can continue to record and submit their own bite-size beat through September for a chance for it to be featured in an upcoming M&M’S spot.

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