Hotpoint New Cooking Range Advert 2016 – Bakery

Hotpoint Commercial 2016 - Bakery

Hotpoint Commercial 2016 – Bakery

Hotpoint has released a new advert featuring the new cooking range.
The 30-second spot features a guy talking about the bakery next to his door, when he was a kid, and about the wonderful aroma he felt early in the morning, that could be smelled on the entire street.

“You know, I’ve never quite smelt any like it again, but when I bake bread at home, I get fairly close” – says the man, featured in front of his Hotpoint oven.
The voiceover says that “with the new Hotpoint oven, you can cook perfectly”. “As it evenly distributes the heat, this is taken care of what you love most” – continues the voiceover, adding – at the end – the brand’s tagline, “Hotpoint – The way you care”.

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