Gap Single Mother & Son with Red Gap Hoodie Commercial Song

Gap Mother & Son Commercial

Gap has launched a thoughtful commercial that made people wonder if this is the first Christmas ad of 2019.

The spot, titled “The Hoodie” and part of the brand’s new “Gift the Thought” campaign, created by agency Johannes Leonardo, shows the evolution of the relationship between a young boy and his mother over the years. At the center of the film is one of the brand’s most iconic items of clothing, the red Gap hoodie, which “witnesses” both everyday moments, as well as key moments in his life.

The end of the commercial sees the boy as a grown man visiting his mother, who gives him “the gift of thought” – a red Gap hoodie. The soundtrack is an instrumental version of Where Is My Mind by The Pixies.

The fashion brand gives its customers the chance to purchase a range of thoughtful gifts for anyone they care about along with thought-based gift tags.

“We wanted to create something special and unique that tugs at the heartstrings,” said in a press statement Alegra O’Hare, who joined San Francisco-based Gap from Adidas in February and directed the marketing effort toward a more emotional tone, in the hopes to help the Gap brand stand out among other retailers.

Unlike the last two holiday seasons, Gap will not be airing its ad on TV this year, being set to run on the brand’s social channels and YouTube, as well as on Hulu, Vevo and Facebook Watch.

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