Tesco Mobile Trolley Taking Woman to Tesco Mobile Advert Song

Tesco Mobile Mobile TV Advert - Woman in Trolley Shopping Cart

Tesco Mobile highlights, in its latest advert, that with Tesco Mobile you won’t get mobile bills that go up during your contract.

The spot features a trolley in an empty Tesco Mobile parking lot, which, after seeing a woman’s increased mobile bill issued by C.O.N. Mobile, embarks on a journey to get to her. While in the background Hero by Enrique Iglesias plays, the shopping cart is shown traveling miles through good and bad weather, to reach his destination – 45, Hill Road, where the lady, named Rita Jones, lives. Arrived at the woman’s house, where she’s having a phone conversation with a customer representative from C.O.N. Mobile, asking for explanations on the rise of her mobile costs, the trolley takes her for a ride to Tesco, where she can get services at the price she signs up for.

“Join the network that won’t increase prices during your contracts. This is super helpful mobile. This is Supermarket Mobile,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

In the past, Tesco Mobile and Crisis have announced the start of an ambitious partnership aiming to help thousands of people experiencing homelessness across Britain.

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