J’Adore Dior Commercial Song 2016 – Charlize Theron

J'Adore Dior Commercial 2016 - Charlize Theron

J’Adore Dior Commercial 2016 – Charlize Theron

Christian Dior has released a new commercial starring Charlize Theron, advertising J’Adore Dior fragrance in a new film that celebrates the absolute femininity.

The 45-second spot features the actress in a natural landscape, staying in the rain, and then in the waters of a lake, saying: “I touch the rain, I look at the sun and it says “Run”. I watch it all turn: the water, the earth, the sun and me. J’Adore. We are gold”.
The song playing in the background is “I Love You”, performed by Woodkid.

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